Management Services

We offer full service property management or will customize a plan to fit your needs.

Prepare Property to be Leased

  • We will meet with you and evaluate with you the property and make recommendations to make the rental home ready for move-in.
  • We have the services available to quickly repair or maintenance the items that need to be completed before showings.

Determine Monthly Rent

  • We will do a market analysis based on your property condition and location to determine the rent range.

Marketing services for your property

  • We will give you a variety of marketing avenues to get you the property rented as quickly as possible.
  • We will use our website, local newspaper, neighborhood newspaper, national websites, and property yard signs.
  • We will pursue all leads and schedule showings when it convenient to the prospective tenants.

Applicant Screening

  • We will review the prospective tenant’s credit history, rental history and do a criminal background check.
  • We will verify employment and income stated on credit application.
  • We will contact previous landlord and check payment history and property care.
  • When these above areas have been completed we will discuss the results and make recommendations.

Tenant Move-in

  • We will secure first months rent and deposit prior to move-in.
  • We will prepare all lease agreements and ensure the tenants understand the lease and sign all documents.
  • We will have the tenants verify and sign the “Condition of Property Statement” at the time of tenant move-in.

Rental Collections and Disbursements

  • We will promptly collect rental income at the beginning of each month.
  • We will disburse rental income to landlord as soon as money has cleared our bank.
  • We will disburse notices to tenants if rent has not been paid by the fifth day of each month.
  • We will coordinate the start of eviction procedures if tenant rent is not paid in full. (We will consult with Landlord when to start the eviction process)

Monthly Accounting Reports

  • We will provide you with monthly statements of income and expenses based on each property.
  • We will provide you a year-end accounting summary

Property Maintenance Programs

  • We provide our landlords with a wide variety of sub-contractors that can provide 24-hour emergency services.
  • We also provide property rehab services such as painting, carpeting, vinyl, cleaning, window coverings, and landscaping. (Other services provided upon request).